Review: Lanny by Max Porter | The Fountain
With so many titles, almost 190,000 last year, being published in the UK it is hard for a book to really stand out from the crowd. The publishing market is saturated, which means that fewer titles make a really big breakthrough. Not surprisingly, many authors have been trying to be different, be it plot-wise or style-wise, with the idea of making a name for themselves. However, this approach sometimes ends in books that are different just for the sake of being different, resulting in novels that bring nothing new on the table. One of the authors that are unique on the current UK market in Max Porter. You only need to open his latest novel Lanny at a random page and it becomes obvious how experimental and unique his writing is. However, unlike many people Porter's writing is harmonious with the style and presentation which results in a novel that stand out from everything else for all the good reasons; Porter is different in a way that offers the reader a glimpse into a ground-breaking writing that offers a food for thought not only through the story but also through the way the story is presented on the page.