Review: Hot Chip - A Bath Full of Ecstasy | The Fountain
It's crazy to think that A Bath Full of Ecstasy is Hot Chip's seventh offering but since Coming on Strong was released in 2004, they have had a success of distinctively successful albums over the last fifteen years, and I doubt they are going to lose this reputation anytime soon, with this new one. An inherently fresh, and new sound for Hot Chip, albeit clinging onto all their endearing elements, which tell you it's definitely still this band, A Bath Full of Ecstasy sees them use outside producers from the offset. This is the first time the band have chosen to do this. Working with Philippe Zdar (Cat Power, Beastie Boys, Phoenix, Cassius) and Rodaidh McDonald (The XX, Sampha, David Byrne), there is a notable shift in the sound, but one that to my ears, enhances the sweet sound of Alexis Taylor's vocals, and those melodies.