One Moment in Time | The Formula Vita
by Dr. Gregory Bartha July 2, 2018 "I want one moment in time when I'm more than I thought I could be." These are the words of the song sung by Whitney Houston for the 1988 Olympics. It is Susie Mauldin's favorite song. It inspired her when she heard it then, and it is an apt description of her character now. Susie is the new director of the Belize Hospital and Palliative Care Foundation, taking over from Dr. Beatrice Thompson, who is on a leave of absence. The organization has been in a very disorganized state, and Susie is trying to restore order, and institute good record keeping and accountability. Five years ago, she would never have believed she would be doing what she is now. She had no desire to leave Midland and no idea of moving to a foreign country to work. Then, with the encouragement of Vicki Jay, former director of the Rays of Hope Organization associated with Hospice of Midland, she went to a conference in Belize on grief. By chance, she met Dr. Beatrice Thompson who