California | The Formula Vita
by Dr. Gregory Bartha June 6, 2018 In January of 2018, pastor Simon Peter and I were hosted in California's San Joaquin Valley by Matt Naylor and Daniel Goetz, both of whom had visited Simon Peter in Uganda several times and admired his work. We stayed in a bed and breakfast owned and operated by Matt's parents. It was located in the midst of a large peach Orchard with the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains gracing the horizon. We were kept very busy during our stay speaking about our work in a variety of venues. Simon Peter gave a sermon at Reedley California's is Christian Community Fellowship, the church pastored by Matt and spoke at an adult Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Kingsburg. These communities are located just south of Fresno, the so-called Bible Belt of California. We both spoke before the Teen Challenge group and the student body at Immanuel Christian School, both in Reedley. We also described our work to students at the Christian Club in Dinuba High