Episode 4 -Home Management Hacks for Budgeting and Back-to-School
In episode for of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon shares her best tips for managing a household and sticking to a budget during back-to-school and fall sports season. "Without a budget, your household will fail", she cautions. Shannon answers questions about comparison- shopping, managing multiple children in evening activities, cooking dinner when you're too tired to move, and more. Shannon shares her concept of "Global Model Cooking" and talks through her recipe and process for taking whole chickens and making 3 family meals for less than 50 cents per person. Shannon also talks about managing expectations, the false reality of the network "morning show", creating a family culture for your own household, fostering trust in your family, and quality leadership within your family. Shannon also explains her reasons for establishing her "Pizza Movie Nights", and how she started gathering information on how to run a household years ago. Lastly, Shannon talks