Escaping a Serial Killer at Locked Up Escape Games! - The February Fox
We did it. Tyler and I have been wanting to do an escape room for 4 years and we finally made it a date night reality. We visited Locked Up Escape Games here in Buffalo where we escaped a serial killer (with only 1:30 to go — whew!). We found clues in 8 rooms, solved puzzles, avoided traps, and escaped in one piece… somehow. I mean, your girl willingly put herself in a coffin while her crazy husband hopped in a morgue drawer. If you’re really up for the challenge, you have to try their Locked in a Room with a Zombie escape room where a zombie on a chain inches closer to you every 5 minutes. I was too chicken, but maybe you’re more ambitious than me. There’s also rooms for all ages like Secret Agent 13 and Escape the Pharaoh’s Tomb. Locals can check this awesome spot out that’s located in the very same facility as the House of Horrors & Haunted Catacombs in Cheektowaga. Related