Easter at Disneyland - The February Fox
I’ll let you in on a little secret: Disneyland is a ghost town on holidays. Most crowd-predicting websites will tell you different, but each and every time my family has visited the park on a holiday it has been more comfortable to navigate than any other time. I’m talking walk on, no wait, for Pirates or Haunted Mansion at 5 p.m. However, the day after a holiday is a serious no-go. But we did it anyway 😉 For the record, Pirates was a 60 minute wait the next day at the same exact time. I have never, ever seen the wait that high! Fox has started saying, “Oh wooooowwww!” whenever he sees anything new. He said it when we walked into Disneyland, when we’d stroll him by brightly-colored buildings, and even when we walked by the hotel shuttles at night 😉 He’s amazed by so many things right now and it makes my heart explode with joy. Next year we’ll probably go a more traditional route since Fox will know what’s going on and the Easter Bunny will make the rounds on time! What did your family do for Easter? Related