7 Gifts She'll Want for Valentine's Day - The February Fox
Hi everybody! I’m following up from my recent post on my top 7 men’s Valentine’s gifts with my picks for the ladies. I’ve never been a pink kind of gal, but seeing as 2016 is the year of rose gold it’s fitting that’s what I’ve been drawn to lately. 1. Sunnies // 2. Backpack // 3. Pajamas // 4. Turntable // 5. Pillow // 6. Lipstick // 7. Purse Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I have ZERO idea what activity to plan this year. The last several we’ve wound up eating Domino’s on the couch. I’m not a crowd kind of lady, so heading to a packed restaurant for a prix fixe menu isn’t my type of romance. Do you have any ideas on what we should do? What are you up to? P.S. I found these incredible jeans (above) on thredUP for $11.99. Total steal! Related