PH1 MM Phono Stage from Longdog Audio - The Audiophile Man
New out is the UK-built Longdog Audio PH1 Moving Magnet Phono Stage with isolated and regulated power supply technology The PH1 makes use of both isolated and regulated power supply technology combined with second stage inductive filtering and third stage active regulation. “High accuracy RIAA equalisation is achieved by the use of precision components throughout,” said owner Nick Gorham. There are no electrolytic capacitors in the unit, all filtering and smoothing is done using film capacitors. The unit is housed in aluminium casework and features gold-plated RCA sockets. Price is £200. Gorham had further good news, “At the moment I am working on a matching head amp. Same case, same idea, just 20db Gain, so it can used with the PH1 for moving coil or any other MM phono stage. Same price point, £200. Should be ready in a week or so, just waiting for the casework to be printed.” To learn more, click or call 07812 249747. Subscribe to my weekly newsletterJoin the mailing list to receive my weekly newsletter into your email inbox SUBSCRIBE! You have Successfully Subscribed!