BOSC Amplifier From Orchard - The Audiophile Man
The BOSC is a new monoblock amplifier that utilises gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology BOSC is compact, designed and manufactured in the United States and is, “…DC coupled for response down to 0Hz,” said the company. Commenting on the amplifier, designer Leonid Ayzenshtat added, “GaN-based Class-D monoblock amplifiers are usually very expensive, starting at $10,000 per pair.” But they, “…consume little electricity with an energy-efficient design.” In order to raise funds for development, a Kickstarter campaign has been raised for the device. Contributors can pre-order the monoblocks to secure “low, early-bird” pricing (from the basic price of around $1,500). For more information, visit: [Don’t forget to check out my Facebook Group, The Audiophile Man: Hi-Fi & Music here: for exclusive postings, exclusive editorial and more!] Subscribe to my weekly newsletterJoin the mailing list to receive my weekly newsletter into your email inbox SUBSCRIBE! You have Successfully Subscribed!