How to Cheat the Kindle Store (and Get Away With it!): The Chance Carter Story | The Digital Reader
For quite some time now I have been reporting on Amazon's over-reliance on poorly programmed bots that punish the innocent while letting scammers run rampant. Today I have an example scammer to show you. "Chance Carter" is the nom de trompeur for one of the scammers currently infesting the Kindle Store. They are running a book stuffing scam in Kindle Unlimited, and have apparently been operating there with impunity for years. At the same time, "Carter" is also breaking Amazon's rule on incentivized reviews via an ingenious "contest" trick. Update: Amazon has responded to my coverage and the public outcry by first banning the KDP account behind Carter, and then banning other book stuffers. The book-stuffing con is one of the long-running problems in Kindle Unlimited. In the first year of Kindle Unlimited, scammers took advantage of the system by uploading ebooks so short that they got paid after only a few pages were read. Amazon put a stop to that in July 2015 by switching to a system that paid based on pages read, and in response the scammers invented the book-stuffing con and started uploading really long books. The way that the book-stuffing con works is that scammers stuff lots of [...]