19 Months Later, and Google Still Hasn't Reopened Signups in Its Play Books Publishing Portal | The Digital Reader
It has been nineteen months since Google closed its book publisher portal in Google Play Books, and the larger blogosphere is just beginning to realize that it may never reopen. A couple days ago 9to5Google pondered the same question I last asked in April: Will Google ever reopen the portal? Google “temporarily” stopped allowing new publishers to sign up for its Google Play Books Partner Center more than a year ago, largely due to rampant piracy on the service. Now, a year and a half later (it was originally shuttered in May of 2015), the Partner Center still hasn’t opened back up… ...This was the initial statement that Google provided when Google stopped offering new signups, all the way back in May 2015: We’ve temporarily closed new publisher sign ups in the Play Books Partner Center, so we can improve our content management capabilities and our user experience. We’re working to reopen this to new publishers soon. Thanks for your patience. A support article entitled “How to sell a book on Google Play: a checklist” lists the following notice: New publisher sign-ups in the Google Play Books Partner Center are temporarily closed. Now, over at the Google Product Forums, there are still people posting about [...]