Stop Kidding Yourself: The ABA Does Not Represent Indie Booksellers | The Digital Reader
There are many commonly held beliefs in book world: that AAP stats reflect the entire industry, that Nielsen can accurately track ebook or print sales, that The Authors Guild represents authors, and that the American Bookseller Association is made up of and speaks for indie booksellers. Two of these four beliefs have been conclusively disproven in the past few years; TAG has been discredited as a publishers' puppet, and almost everyone now understands that the AAP's revenue stats reflect less than half the book publishing industry. Now it is time to reconsider the assumption that the ABA represents indie bookstores. I was reading a post about online book-buying today on Richard Hollick's blog when he mentioned a post of mine before adding: The DR’s objection is that the ABA are not really trying to sell books — but maybe that’s intentional. After all they are the organization representing independent bookstores, and they are quite explicit about wanting to “train” customers who visit the IndieBound site to go to an independent bookstore. I see no reason why they shouldn’t offer books to people at whatever price they want: their motivation is not primarily to sell, it’s to promote. If someone is generous enough to pay full price [...]