It's Time for Something New (Or, How You Can Hire Me) | The Digital Reader
Earlier this year I announced that I was stepping back from the blog and looking for something new. Today I would like to announce that I have found it. I am taking my six-plus years as a web publisher and opening my own web design firm. It's called Valiant Chicken Digital. I've built the site, ordered the business cards, setup the email, and now I'm ready to announce it to the world. While there are a lot of people who blog, for the past six years I have been running my own website. I may have introduced myself as a blogger at conferences, but what I didn't emphasize was that I was running the site myself. This has given me a breadth of experience few bloggers can match. I have years of hands on experience in site design, layout, and troubleshooting, as well as 101 other technical skills I picked up along the way. A lot of that experience is focused on blogs and sites with text, and it has taught me a lot about how, for example, to design a great-looking author site. And if you need further proof, I can show why you would want to hire me. If you head on over [...]