The ReadMe App Lets You Speedily Read Epub eBooks | The Digital Reader
With the new Fire tablets due to arrive in just a few days, many will soon enjoy the Word Runner speed reading feature that Amazon has bundled into a new version of the Kindle app. Word Runner helps you read quickly by flashing words at you, one at a time, but it's not the only app to do so (nor does it have especially unique features). A couple readers have tipped me to the fact that Word Runner's special features, the variable speed and rewind options, were more common than I thought. One app in particular, ReadMe, offers features similar to Word Runner, including both the variable speed and the reverse option, and what's more the ReadMe app betters Amazon's app by supporting Epub. ReadMe incorporates the speed reading tech developed by Spritz. That tech didn't look like much when Spritz launched in early 2014, but the way ReadMe uses the tech is much more impressive. Here's a promo video of the app in operation (the app behaved just like this when I tried it on my iPad): I've been playing with the ReadMe app today, and it really does have speed reading features very similar to what we've seen of Word Runner. [...]