Maxthon Updates Windows, Android Web Browsers With Bundled Adblock Plus | The Digital Reader
Unpleasant and possibly malicious ads are a pernicious problem online, so much so that Maxthon is betting that users will be drawn to its latest browser offering. This developer is launching a new version of its web browser today which will come bundled with Adblock Plus enabled as default. Users of the Android and Windows versions of Maxthon will soon find themselves with ads, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads, blocked by default. The Windows app is available now, and the Android app is going to be available shortly in the Play Store - or so Eyeo, the developer of Adblock Plus, claims. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. While I was working on this post I was reminded that in early 2013 Google purged ad-blocking apps from Google Play. Many apps, including Adblock Plus, were removed from Google Play, and a check earlier today confirmed that the apps are still absent. As an ad network, Google has an understandable motivation to want to discourage use of ad-blocking tools, and so long as the tools can be downloaded and installed from the web it's really not a big issue for users. But it does present a problem for Maxthon, which wants [...]