Onyx Launches the Boox Classic, a 69 Euro Kindle Competitor | The Digital Reader
With the $69/€59 basic Kindle, the $79 Kobo Touch, and the $99 Nook Glowlight, it's pretty clear that it's not easy to offer a cheap and good ereader without losing money or selling old hardware, but Onyx is going to give it a shot. Arta Tech, an Onyx retail partner in Europe, has just unveiled the Boox Classic, a stripped down 69 euro ereader which lacks many of the features common on the latest ereaders. The Boox Classic runs a closed version of Android 2.3 on a 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. It also has Wifi and a microSD card slot, but no audio. This ereader has a 6" Pearl HD E-ink screen, but (in order to cut costs) no touchscreen or frontlight. While it does have page turn buttons, the only way to manipulate the menu is with the d-pad below the screen. In terms of software, the Boox Classic runs Onyx's proprietary reading app (it's not bad) and it also ships with a couple other apps, including a cloud drive client and a feed reader app from Midiapolis. It's not clear at this time whether you can install additional apps, but given the lack of a touchscreen I am not sure why you [...]