Onyx T68 6.8" Android eReader Update Borks Google Play | The Digital Reader
Onyx has rolled out a new update for their larger ereader, the T68 Lynx, the week before last. There's been no formal announcement of the update, but a fellow Android ereader devotee tipped me to the news. The T68 Lynx sports a 6.8" Pearl E-ink screen and runs Android 4.0 on a 1GHz CPU. It was originally released in June and has been updated a couple times since then. The new update can be installed from the T68; it can be found in the about menu under the settings menu. I've installed the update and after testing it I would strongly urge you not to touch it. The update adds a number of features (as well as a fix for the touchscreen) but not all of the changes are improvements. Also, I have encountered a serious problem. Google Play is no longer accessible. Every time I try to open it, it either closes right away or freezes and then closes. According to the changelog, the update is supposed to add a way to manage your Google account (there was no option for this before), and I suspect that something was inadvertently broken instead. This issue is particularly troubling because I just put my T68 Lynx [...]