Amazon Announces New Affiliate Deal with Italian Bookseller Giunti al Punto | The Digital Reader
It's been nearly 2 years since Amazon signed an affiliate deal with Waterstones in the UK, and new partners are still few and far between. While Amazon does have a pilot program with the UC Davis bookstore, and a few booksellers have signed up to be affiliates, but you can still count Amazon's partners on one hand. And that's why I am sure Amazon was pleased to announce today that they had found a new partner in Italy. Leading Italian bookseller Giunti al Punto will soon be joining Amazon in a new online and offline partnership which will see the bookseller carry the Amazon Kindle in its 170 stores. Any Giunti al Punto customer who buys a Kindle will receive five free Kindle ebooks of their choice. Later this year Giunti al Punto will also be launching a new Amazon-supported retail site where customers will have access to a vast selection of books, physical media products and toys available on A brief check of the Giunti al Punto website shows that this bookseller doesn't have an online retail presence, though it does appear that its parent company has a retail site for the books and ebooks it publishes. Giunti [...]