The ToneFone iPhone Case Turns Texting into a Workout | The Digital Reader
If you're looking for a way to fit a workout into your busy schedule then I have just the thing. A UK fitness retailer is now selling a 3 pound iPhone case which is designed to make you work for your Angry Bird fix. It's called the ToneFone, and it's available in both 1KG and 1.5KG models. It retails for about $35 to $38, depending on the weight. The ToneFone is basically a chunk of steel wrapped in a rubber shell, and if not for the fact it's wrapped around an iPhone it would simply be another exercise weight. Sounds simply, right? Here's how it's described on the product page: The ToneFone is a revolutionary new case for iPhone 5 and 5s that turns your phone in to a weight loss device by increasing its weight to up to 1 or 1.5kg - allowing you to work out wherever you are. It’s simple: you get a text you get fitter, your mum calls you, you get fitter, you check Facebook and you get fitter, even when you order a takeaway you get fitter. You can take it with you anywhere and every time you pick your phone up you’ll be [...]