This is Not The First Time That Amazon Has Removed Adult Content Without Warning or Good Reason | The Digital Reader
Here's an interesting footnote in the ongoing moral crusade against self-published erotica. As I am sure you know, over the past few days, Amazon, B&N, WH Smith , and Kobo have all started removing self-published erotica from their ebookstores, with WH Smith even going so far as to shut down their website with the promise that it won't reopen until all self-published titles have been removed. B&N and Amazon appear to be slightly more selective; they're running keyword searches and removing all the results. But what you might not know is that this isn't the first time that ebookstores have overreacted to news reports on erotica ebooks. And I'm not just talking about the time that Paypal tried to censor Smashwords; Amazon and B&N are actually repeating one of Amazon's past mistakes. Back in 2010 Amazon was swept up in a wave of I don't know what, and besides removing erotica that features incest they also removed ebooks whose titles simply contained a word that Amazon deemed inappropriate. Here's how one author defended his ebooks in an email he sent to Amazon: You pulled my titles because that reporter at the Fox affiliate labeled my book pornography. If you actually [...]