Moon+ Reader Gains New PDF Support in a Recent Update | The Digital Reader
It slipped my attention at the time, but Moon+ Reader added a number of useful PDF features a few weeks back. The paid version of this app ($2.49 in Google Play) now enables readers to annnotate the PDFs they read on their Android smartphone or tablet. According to the change log, the app now supports "free text, ink, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlight, note", but that's not quite what I found when I tried the app. I've been testing my copy of the paid app and I have noted that the new options include highlighting, underlining, and striking through the text; I have also attached a text note. I'm not sure whether my HTC smartphone lacks certain features or whether I just haven't found them yet, but I can say that the abilities I have found are quite useful. And here's where things get fun: the color used for the highlight/underline/strikethrough can be changed to any of 1.67 million shades, or about 1.67 million more shades than the highlight options offered by the big-name reading apps. Click to enlarge The changelog also mentions that the PDF thumbnail function, which lets you see the pages of a PDF as thumbnail sized images, [...]