Moon+ Reader Updated With Support for Epub3 Video | The Digital Reader
Epub3 still isn't all that well supported in the mainstream reading apps but it looks like the independent app developers are starting to make headway. Moon+ Reader for Android was updated earlier this week, and in addition to the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and usability changes this app also gained new support for audio and video. Technically the new content support was added in the last update, but I just noticed it this week. Since no one has reported on it yet I am going to regard this story as breaking news. I have tested the free app and can confirm that it supports video. I couldn't get my Nook HD+ to take a screen shot, but the video played. And as you can see in the screenshot below, this app also supports a lot of the cooler features found on its larger competitors, including (optional) animated page curl, estimated reading time, and user defined formatting. Moon+ Reader also appears to support right to left languages like Arabic, though of course I can't confirm this (I can't read the language). The app doesn't appear to support any other Epub3 features, so far as I know, but that's not a [...]