New Sony Reader PRS-T3 Leaks, Has HD E-ink Screen and Might Have a Frontlight | The Digital Reader
Sony might not be interested in making a cutting edge ereader any more but one thing they've always managed to do is leak their new gadget right before they announce it. Two years ago the PRS-T1 leaked on a Dutch retail website, last year the T2 leaked on a US website, and today the PRS-T3 leaked on a Swiss website. A reader tipped me to the news that the Swiss retailers and (and Spanish and Canadian retailer) may have jumped the gun (Thanks!). They're now showing incomplete product listings for the PRS-T3 which don't have nearly as much info on this ereader as we had on the T2 last year, but I can tell you a few details. For example, the model number is PRST3BC.CE7. Next, the thumbnail at right is the largest image I could find on either website, so here is a photo from the leaked FCC paperwork to refresh your memory: This ereader has a 6" HD E-ink screen (1024x758 resolution), IR touchscreen, Wifi, and it might possibly have a frontlight: Leichter E-Book Reader inkl. Cover mit automatischer Start/Sleep-Funktion, mit IR Touchscreen, W-LAN (802.11b/g/n), Systemvoraussetzung: 6'' Bildschirmdiagonale (152.4mm), E Ink Pearls HD Touchscreen (1024 x [...]