Pocketbook to Announce New eReaders Next Week, Amazon to Follow? | The Digital Reader
I know this might be hard to remember after yesterday's stupendous Kobo news, but there are other ereader makers in the market and one of them will be announcing new gadgets next week. Pocketbook is holding a press conference next week. This Ukraine-based ereader company is expected to announce 3 new devices, including a color ereader, an ereader with an HD E-ink screen, and an updated 7" Android tablet. But before I get to the products I expect Pocketbook to announce, I have a question. Have you considered the timing of next week's press event? I think the Pocketbook press conference raises some interesting questions. It was announced right before Kobo launched the Aura HD and happens a week later. Kobo made an announcement this week and Pocketbook is announcing next week, and that leads me to think we might possibly be seeing ereader makers respond to the products they know that their competition have in the works. If I am correct then Amazon might have an announcement of an amazing ereader some time in the next month or so. It's not out of the question that Amazon plans to reveal that they're using a Liquavista screen on their next [...]