Is Google Working on an Android-based Netbook? Maybe | The Digital Reader
Here's an interesting rumor. Digitimes is reporting today that they expect Google to release an Android-powered laptop or netbook some time this year. Their sources are sketchy, and in fact there's little more to this than Digitimes' own prediction (no "industry sources" this time), so there's really not much worth saying about this rumor. But the idea was interesting enough that I took a few minutes today to play with the idea. It turns out that this idea wasn't as crazy as I first thought. Digitimes points to the fact that Google has (or rather Google's partners have) been making Chromebooks since early 2011 as evidence for their prediction. Considering the fact that Chromebooks have been having lackluster sales, I'm not so sure it's a good argument. And given that there already are numerous Android netbooks on the market, including a dozen models from Asus and others, there's really not much need for Google to release yet another competing device. In fact, I almost deleted this post and passed on the story until I remembered something that changed my mind. Google has a $1300 Chromebook on the market. After letting partners build Chromebooks for nearly 2 years, Google released their own. [...]