The eReader Isn't Dead - Tablet, eReader Ownership Increased Over Christmas | The Digital Reader
Remember last December when there was all the doom and gloom about the decline in ereader shipments? Many blogs reported it as a sign of the end of the ereader market, but given the latest survey data from Pew Research Center that's probably not the case. According to the PRC over a quarter of Americans adults owned an ereader in January 2013. It seems that reports of the death of the ereader were greatly exaggerated. This data comes not from the survey on American libraries or the report on US reading habits. Instead a helpful soul with the Pew Research Center pointed me at the reports and survey data that Pew has been gathering in their study of America's mobile shopping habits. The January survey data shows that 31% of Americans now own a tablet of some kind, be it iPad, Android, or iPad. That's up slightly from the 25% who reported the same in November 2012. That is an excellent growth rate, even though it is far less spectacular than what was reported this time last year (from 10% before Christmas to 19% after Christmas). But never mind tablets; the important news today is ereader adoption. According to the [...]