Kids Are Adopting eBooks Faster Than Their Parents, Scholastic Reports | The Digital Reader
Scholastic has released a new report today that shows a significant increase in ebook adoption among US schoolkids. According to the fourth edition of the Kids & Family Reading Report, almost half of the kids participating in the survey reported that they'd read an ebook, up from 25% of kids who reported the same when this survey was last conducted in 2010. The full report is available as a free PDF. I'd recommend the version without the appendices; I can't download the other one. This publisher of academic content runs this survey on a biannual basis and it offers some results which are startlingly different from the recent report from the Pew Research Center. According to Scholastic, 46% of kids in the US have read an ebook. The survey also showed that 41% of parents have read an ebook. These stats are very different from PRC's own figures which show that 23% of US consumers had read an ebook. The most used reading device was the laptop, and it won out over tablets, ereaders, and desktop PCs (22%, 21%, 19%, 19%). Elsewhere the report shows a jump in the number of children who reported they would read more books for [...]