9 College Students Publish Ed-Tech Textbook via iBooks | The Digital Reader
iBooks Author is getting a lot of attention lately as more users are discovering the ease with which they can make complex ebooks. The latest report comes from a graduate seminar at Georgia College. a group of students collaborated to produce , Using Technology in Education, which is currently available in iBooks. Hey, if 7th graders can publish an ebook, why not grad students? The students both wrote the text and created the videos and images. The ebook covers a wide variety of topics from eReaders to assistive technology and social media use in higher ed. The ebook is rich with videos and images, and it's filled with the latest info and advice on how to better incorporate technology into classrooms. "It’s a cool, well-designed ebook," said Chris Greer, Associate Professor of instructional technology. "After we submitted it, no revisions were needed. The textbook passed Apple’s screening process, which speaks to the quality of the students’ work." It's a good thing that this textbook focuses on ed-tech and not some other topic; that makes it more likely that the desired reader, namely teachers, will have an iPad to read it. Tablet penetration is still less than total in college classes, [...]