Update: Velocity Micro Cruz Tablet T301 is the first Kindle affiliated tablet? | The Digital Reader
That's how Velocity Micro are promoting it, and it's a big deal. I know of a couple Android smartphones that ship with the Kindle app, but this is the first tablet. Kindle support is the one interesting detail for this tablet becuase it appears to be the same device as the Cruz Reader, Pocketbook IQ, & white PD Novel. If you look at the product page you'll see that it has ports and card slot in the exact same place as on the Cruz Reader. (Did they think I wouldn't notice?) Until I know different, I'm going to assume that this is exactly the same hardware. Do you want to know something odd? The IQ has a set of hardware buttons for the 3 standard Android buttons (back, menu, home). The T301 does not, even though it was released some time after the IQ. Weird. Update: I just heard back from mt contact with Velocity Micro. The T301 is a vastly improved tablet. It has a dual core CPU, 4GB Flash, Wifi (n), and a capacitive touchscreen. It's selling on Amazon for $249. Now that is a decent tablet. Check These Out!