Something's Gotta Give | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Any story worth its weight carries emotion of some sort. I don't care if it is about a Jack in the Box, there better be emotion buried inside. Readers dream of stories marinated in feeling. Season it with whatever theme/genre you want, action, romance, adventure, whathaveyou, but the true flavor, the lasting bone deep hit you over the head goodness resides in an emotion filled bite. Great authors not only know how to do this, they give you the VIP all access backstage pass. The up close, skin on skin – in the story side seat – behind the eyes and in the brain, moment by story moment, living the buildup and the breakdown. I am turning pages almost faster than my own eyes can read because my heart is beating (possibly breaking) on that page and WTF I have to keep reading. Who cares that it is 3 am. Isn't that what we as writers want? A review that says I could not put this book down. I don't know about you, but a review that said this book made me cry would be nice. One that said, this