FincKy Eater - Sink you teeth into the second chapter | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Chapter Two Silence surrounded her. Lemus had left and Komono, ever in search of food, had tired of the emptiness of her trash cans. By the play of light seeking entrance through the blinds, night remained an hour or two away. Kasha stretched as if her body ached from its cramped vigil. A glass of liquid sat on the table beside her. The contents of once frozen blood had thawed to room temperature and awaited consumption. Good old Lemus. Kasha stood. She had never been much of a vampire, certainly she didn't compare to any of the greats: living or fictitious. If anything, immortality had been a reprieve or in today's vernacular: a do over. Sure she had killed innocents before. Vampires do. Yet she had been human long enough to remember her first love and the fleeting joy of childhood. It was the one thing she wished she hadn't taken from Becky Lee. And why the child intrigued her so, Kasha couldn't say. While their town was small, it did not lack the younger generations. More arrived