FinicKy Eater – Chapter 1 | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Kasha the Cat Kasha was a finicky eater, known more for playing with her food than eating it. Everyone recognized a Kasha killing. The splatter of wasted blood left to pool at the scene. This habit of toying with her prey had earned her the nickname Kasha the Cat, though most just called her the Cat. An irony since she preferred dogs. Yet she couldn't deny that her ways, narcissistic as they had become recently, were of a feline nature. There was something about the hunt, stalking prey, waiting, ambushing that fed her more that the feast itself. She had tired of humanity, tired of life. Killing became an obsession and it was a hunger which had grown. Some might say she had finally found the animalistic nature all vampires possessed. Others just found her indulgent. Her behavior had become a topic of conversation in certain circles, in the elder clans where most wished to remain a part of the unseen. Eliminating her had been an option but slay her they had not. A Kasha killing had