Creativity is a grand thing. | Writer & Author Teresa Little
We tend to lump it in with the arts but creativity is greater than this. I think of it as ingenuity's younger brother having fun. Pushing bounds, exploring ideas, finding solutions can all fall under creativity's umbrella. We see it everywhere and sometimes don't even notice. Extreme sports. Wild haircuts. Couture. Even nature gets into the act. Sure, I marvel at bursts of verse - especially my own. It seems so unexpected, that moment caught on paper: the sentence, paragraph, page, and then if you are lucky - the chapter that rings with its own pulse and you think, 'how did that get here?' or my favorite, 'I wrote this?' Writing is sacred that way. The less you think, the better it seems to go. Just keep pounding out words, one on top of the other without too much thought and one day you birth a 80,000 word book. See, easy. The test of true creativity is really rather simple. Are you swept away into another world? I love writers who can make me believe that I am there, right there on