The Nutritional Benefits of Cardboard | Writer & Author Teresa Little
Yep, that's right folks. Step right up, we are talking about that elusive cardboard beast. The one that creeps into our writing no matter what draft you are one. The good ol' Show versus Tell. If anything I have figured out in writing, critiquing and editing my work and others it is that writers want to tell stories. We need to tell a story. Which is great because readers want to experience them. We have already established that in Something's Gotta Give. I read a lot of cardboard. I call it homework. It varies in style and genre. If I had to define cardboard writing, I'd say it comes in many forms (bland in need of creative/craft spices usually) and results in a story that is either over or under cooked. Sometimes it is nice fluff, other times I marvel at the good reviews. I mean, really? I used to get upset, now I realize everyone is entitled to their opinions. And that it isn't necessarily the writing people are responding to but the emotion. I know. There is that word again. Sorry.