What developments will Evolution Gaming Bring to Live Blackjack Games in 2019? | Techno FAQ
If you play live black games regularly, chances are you've played a game by Latvia-based Evolution Gaming before. Founded in 2006, the software provider boasts of serving more than 150 online casinos across the world. It is the largest live dealer casino provider today and one of the most respected brands. This year, Evolution Gaming is set to introduce a horde of features on its live blackjack games. Below is a rundown of what to expect. Wider Variety Evolution Gaming's most popular live blackjack game is a 7-player set played with standard blackjack rules. Players are linked to dealers in the casino's Riga, Rome, or Atlantic City's live studios. Real cards are used during the game. The game also allows a 'bet behind' option. With this feature, more players can watch and bet on any of the 7 players in the game. Another variant, Blackjack party, is geared for maximum entertainment. A TV-trained host and dealer take turns chatting with fans as they bet. Evolution Gaming looks set to