Geo-targeting Guide: How to Use Geo-targeting Through Social to Find Your Audience | Techno FAQ
Social media marketing is the concept of using websites and social media platforms to promote or market a brand or its products. However, a common mistake that marketers should avoid at all cost when starting their marketing campaigns is to try to appeal to everyone on social media. Trying to appeal to everyone will cost your company time and resources. And you are almost guaranteed that the results will be anything but impressive. To increase the chances of success for your brand, it is advisable that marketers define their target audience so that they can focus their efforts on them. By knowing your target audience, you are able to tailor your products and services to meet their needs in the fastest way possible. However, though it may seem a bit difficult for brands to market their products to the intended audience, once marketers understand what needs to be done, the process becomes much easier. Below are simple steps that marketers can take to do geo-targeting through social media