Areas with top off plan projects in Dubai | Techno FAQ
Since the government of Dubai launched freehold property areas about fifteen years ago, the city has seen incredible and unbelievable real estate projects. Also, the establishment of freehold property areas has necessitated the growth of the off-plan market. Due to a large number of off-plan properties in Dubai at different locations, sometimes it gets confusing when deciding where to invest. Here are the top three areas to invest in the off-plan market Jumeirah In under two years, the Jumeirah area has become of the most sought after areas in Dubai. This area features some of the most high profile properties with state of the art amenities. Most of these apartments offer fantastic views of the calm waters, beaches and top quality hotels and resorts. In addition, these apartments are not only lovely and luxurious but are in high demand too. Since the first properties were handed over in 2006, the area still remains to be a hotbed of real estate investment. Most of the properties