6 Of the Best Cloud Computing Certifications For 2019 | Techno FAQ
Cloud computing is gaining popularity every day. Its perks have made it the solution to go for data management and protection. On top of being effective in handling data. Cloud services have been seen to save managers a lot of time and money. That includes most technology solutions employed in organizations. For that reason, managers see to it that the IT teams in their organization get AWS architect training among other computing certifications to equip them with all the skills necessary for the development of solutions for their businesses. The following are some of the cloud computing certifications that are worth giving attention to. 1. Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate is quite a new certification in the market. It has been designed to replace Microsoft MCSA: Cloud Platform. Why would one need this? It is one of the certifications that will provide you with a wide range of cloud administration skills. Additionally,