5 questions to ask when buying a townhouse | Techno FAQ
In the recent past, the townhouse property market has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Townhouses for sale in Dubai are increasing in almost every part of the city. This is because they are cheaper than villas and offer better privacy than apartments. Most townhouses in Dubai are designed in a community that features common facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, schools and more. Typically, these common areas are managed and maintained by a homeowners association. There is a wide variety of off plan properties in Dubai including townhouses like Sur La Mer townhouses. Although there are new projects in Dubai, several off plan projects have already been completed and sold. Here are some questions you need to ask before buying a townhouse: What are the homeowner's association rules? In most cases, townhouse communities have laws and rules which can be very strict. For instance, in some communities, there are restrictions on the type and size of pets. Also, in a