The Best Online Casinos for Bettors in the US | Techno FAQ
As of today, only a few states in the US allow online gambling completely. These states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Delaware. New Jersey is now the largest market for online gambling in the US and this may be because this state has legalized online gambling since 2013. Generally, there's no federal law that pertains how placing bets online is completely illegal. In 2006, American banks processing any transactions that involve gambling was deemed illegal. This is the reason why most online casinos are located outside the US. The bottom line is that placing bets online or playing casino games online, wherever you are in the US, is not entirely illegal. It can be prohibited in some states, but if you're placing bets on websites outside the US and states where online casino is legal, then you should be fine. With that said, keep on reading as the best online casinos for US players are listed in one page here. Bovada Bovada is known to be a one-stop online casino website