Why Transcription Is More Relevant Than Ever | Techno FAQ
Transcription used to take the form of a secretary writing down notes as the boss or meeting presenter spoke, then typing it up in a document to share with everyone or save for posterity. It expanded to include writers and bosses dictating to a recording device so that a letter, presentation or other document could be typed up. As technology like voicemails, speech to text converters and audio files posted online expand, many will be surprised to learn that transcription is not only still relevant but more important than ever. The Expansion of Technology While we can record conversations and presentations easily, the sound quality often leaves something to be desired. Inexperienced speakers may stumble over their words. A good speaker in a noisy environment is hard to hear. Transcription allows the audience watching the video or listening to the audio to follow along. More importantly, it provides an accurate record of what was said. This is invaluable when someone is discussing a