Quiz Pursuit Review: A Quiz app that will seriously your put your knowledge to the test | Techno FAQ
Let me first start by saying that, I find quiz apps a bit repetitive. Most of them are mere micro-transaction funnels and very little thought is put to make the game compelling for long term playability. This is evident by the quiz questions, that are mostly repetitive across levels and in some instances, even copied forward. This is why I often find myself in a cycle of installing a quiz app, playing it for a few minutes and then forgetting about it altogether. Despite my personal opinion, you can find a plethora of quiz apps on both iOS and Google Playstore, hinting that they are really popular with the crowds. They are awesome for the average joe who wants to kill some time and at the same time, brush up on their general knowledge. At the same time, we now reach a point where my opinion is of very little value in the bigger scale of things but where my prejudices are demolished nonetheless because of a little gem of a game that is called quiz pursuit. How's Quiz Pursuit different?