Explaining The Minimal Viable Product | Techno FAQ
Many software developers are painfully aware of what a minimum viable product (MVP) entails. Forbes defines the MVP as an early version of the final bit of software, with basic features to catch the eye of investors, but with enough background to allow for feedback which fuels future development. In the realm of software development, an MVP offers a base from which a bit of software can expand, eventually reaching a state where it can be released to the public. The problem that most developers encounter is where exactly the point of MVP lies. In a lot of cases, developers simply start designing and developing, hoping to release a final product, and somewhere in the middle lost their way or get bogged down trying to implement unnecessary features. So where exactly should the MVP be? Create an MVP with Just Enough Features The MVP must present the most basic iteration of the software. As Technology Innovation Management Review notes, a new piece of software should be built around