3D Printed Drone Parts: What Can You Print & Is It Cost-Effective? | Techno FAQ
3D printing technology has improved significantly over the past few years, and the price of 3D printers has come way down. When 3D printers first became available they cost a small fortune. Consumer printers used to cost at least $5,000, which was far too much for the average drone hobbyist. Now, a good-quality professional 3D printer can be purchased for $2,500 to $4,000 and a consumer 3D printer can be bought for under $500. At that price, 3D printing becomes a cost-effective option for drone enthusiasts. Almost every part of a drone except the motor, battery, and the electronics can be created using 3D printing. To create drone parts using 3D printing technology, three things are required: A 3D printer (or an outsourced 3D printing service). A design model that the 3D printer can use to create the item. Rolls of filaments used for the raw materials. 3D Printing Services and 3D Printers Ultimately, you will likely want to own a 3D printer, especially if you want to make many drone