A Beginner's Guide on Understanding Internet Speed Test Results | Techno FAQ
Have you ever experienced watching a video online and as you're just getting into it, the video suddenly stops and buffers? It's annoying, isn't it? So, you do an internet speed test to know how fast the connection is. Its speed measures the quality of your internet service. The faster the speed, the better and it means you get to enjoy online streaming without interruption. What is internet Speed? Internet speed is the amount of data traveling through your device in a specific amount of time, usually measured by megabits per second or Mbps. Imagine water running from your faucet that falls into a bucket. If you slightly open the valve, water will slowly drip filling the bucket slowly as well. But if you open it full blast, the bucket will fill up quickly. More water coming out of the faucet means the faster the bucket fills up. So, if the data that moves through the connection is large, your internet connection is fast. You can enjoy a buffer-free online experience with a fast