2019's Top 6 Security Tips for Mobile Application to Avoid Security Threats | Techno FAQ
It's been almost ten years since the mobile applications come into existence, and now, it is impossible to imagine a life without them. It allows us to perform almost all the tasks from anywhere and at any time. We can purchase things online, book tickets, pay bills, do banking transactions, track fitness, control Internet of Things devices in our homes and offices. With millions of businesses and consumers worldwide, the effectiveness and ease of use of mobile apps have been a hit. The popularity of it has continued to skyrocket, enabling users to do nearly everything. Before last year, mobile phone users spent approximately 90% of their time accessing mobile phones and apps, as opposed to the 10%, who opted for their browser rather. Nearly all the businesses are finding mobile apps as useful tools for interacting and engaging with their customers. A highly effective and feature-rich branded application can make a huge difference in your business and develop customer loyalty and boost