Sharing is not enough – why you need a content amplification strategy | Techno FAQ
We have all the heard the marketing cliché that "content is king" and we know it to be true. But how relevant and important is content these days? The truth is that it is more relevant than ever but there is one major challenge. Online competition is fierce and it is becoming harder for content, even excellent content, to get noticed. As an editor trying to promote an exciting blog you know that shares are one of the most powerful tools to increase the reach and influence of the piece. You might have noticed that likes, shares and even traffic is declining despite the ever-improving quality. The reason for this is a massive increase in competition. Given the importance of quality content, there are more people than ever striving to generate good work. This makes it harder for your content to stand out and attract the following it used to. Obviously, this is very disappointing. You have labored hard over your blog, put your heart and soul into only to get devastatingly low traffic and