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Introduction If you are like me and work with a lot of documents, chances are that you feel the need to work with pdf formats quite often. It is a very popular extension and is used universally to present documents which are generally displayed as images and aren't meant for conventional editing. PDF's are also a good image containers as it is not just documents that this format display, but pictures too. The problem with pdf however is that it isn't easy to convert documents of this format editable formats or simply edit the pdf itself without conversion. And although there are few online tools that would still let you convert pdf's, they are generally limited to a few popular formats but depending on the content, a pdf might need to be converted to several other formats. Enter Wondershare PDFelement Let's be honest, there are a lot of run of the mill pdf editing tools and for the most part, they do a somewhat okay-ish job. As a matter of fact, if simple pdf to .docx conversions are