Avoiding Micro Apps? Think Again! You Might Be Making a Big Mistake | Techno FAQ
With the ever-growing emergence of mobile apps, anyone can have any idea for sale in the digital high street within days. Google Play Store and Apple app store seem to be flooded with tons and tons of best possible apps. From socializing to traveling, we all are dependent on the word "app" for everything; this is quite a significant leap. It has been more than a decade we have shaken hands into the mobile technology, yes I am talking about the ancient version of Nokia handsets. All these years, technology has taken a giant leap forward gradually infiltrating untouched venues. In the present scenario, most of us have started relying on smartphones and tablets than ever before. This demands for more and more apps, the better ones I must say to deliver a better, faster, and smoother experience. We are the victims of such mobile apps' blunders, but no matter from which corner the issue sprouts up. Let us explore what they are 1. Loads of Functionality In the fight to stay ahead from